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Road transport a key solution to achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).p
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“What could be the contribution of blockchains with regard to the pursuit of sustainable development?” 


“Can blockchain accelerate the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, in a meaningful and sustainable way?”


These questions are explored in a white paper report, Blockchains & Développement Durable (Blockchains and Sustainable Development), created by Blockchain-X, in partnership with l’Institut Louis Bachelier and COREUM Consulting, released June 2020. 

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Blockchain & the SDGs: How Decentralisation Can Make a Difference

Blockchain’s use beyond speculative finance is emerging and maturing. In a collaboration between dGen and, they analysed this potential for social good, guided by the UN’s SDGs.

Twenty-five external experts lent their insights into current and potential applications, from diverse organizations such as: Celo, Duniter, UCL, Affinidy, MineSpider, Cardano, Ethereum, Climate Chain Coalition, Energy Web, and more.

Some of the questions tackled in the report include:

How can blockchain make identity more accessible?
What can blockchain do for financial inclusion?
What does transparency mean for supply chains?
How can climate initiatives benefit from blockchain?

Read the report here.

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Blockchain & Sustainability

From the Blockchains & Développement Durable (Blockchains and Sustainable Development) report, nine key areas are addressed through the case studies of Blockchain & Sustainable Development Use Cases, which impact directly or indirectly our ability to achieve the sustainable development goals by 2030:


1. Digital identity;

2. Monetary circulation;

3. Securing land;

4. Sustainable agriculture

5. Access to health;

6. Renewable energies

7. Responsible consumption;

8. The traceability of raw materials;

9. The operation of public administrations.


Frontiers in Blockchain was the first blockchain peer reviewed scientific journal

Blockchain is fundamentally a technology of trust, but transformative possibilities to benefit society more broadly are emerging. As blockchain has trust, openness and transparency built into its design, its benefits are wide-ranging and impact multiple Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Case study showcases of projects being built in the Cardano for Sustainability ecosystem will be featured here soon...

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