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NFTs, Mental Health, and the Metaverse | The future is here!

Careoline is building a bridge to a happier society


Vision & Mission

Helping millions of people live a more fulfilled life. Revolutionizing the way people find, rate, and review their guides/coaches/therapists by using blockchain technology.

Their goal is to create a world where people can easily find the help they need anywhere and any time.

Everyone deserves to be happy! by Careoline social impact ecosystem challenges our current healthcare systems and takes people on a decentralized journey. Careoline provides preventive action powered by Blockchain, NFTs and Web3, for a better future. The social impact DNA is at the core of this collaboration.


What is Heal2Earn?

Heal2earn is a life / happiness changer thanks to Web3!

The main goal is to incentivize people to take time for themselves, improving their well-being while getting rewarded with a token.

Which will in hand empower everyone to take charge of their own health and well-being.

Earn during sessions:

During the well-being sessions, both health professionals and clients earn and will receive Careoline token.

Earn while taking care of yourself:

Always. Whenever somebody takes care of their well-being (like coaching, meditation, sports, etc.), the person can receive a token. 


Why Create Caroline?

It is time for a Happier Society

“Our purpose is to inspire & work in the mental wellbeing of everyone to lead fulfilling lives and help them make positive changes in their homes, workplaces, schools, and communities. So we can have a BETTER WORLD TO LIVE IN!
This topic continues to be a major burden on society: Studies by WHO have shown that people facing mental issues has been a long-lasting trend, causing severe issues, including pain and social impact costs of $1.000 Billion worldwide in 2018! Following this study, catalysts such as covid, war and crypto winter arrived. The world is now facing a global mental health crisis that really, really needs to END!” - Caroline

What led the team to this point:

“Everyone has a high stress level and everyone has experienced that themselves or someone in the inner circle (friends / family) suffered because of Mental issues”- Caroline


How does Blockchain help solve this problem?

“Our purpose is to inspire & work in the mental wellbeing of everyone to lead fulfilling lives and help them make positive changes in their homes, workplaces, schools, and communities. So we can have a BETTER WORLD TO LIVE IN!” - Caroline

Why Cardano

Decentralized ledger technologies, such as Cardano’s Proof of Stake blockchain is offering solutions to wicked problems that plague us all to varying degrees. Since 2015, Cardano has risen to sit in the top 3 of the multi trillion dollar cryptocurrency market, and is increasingly known as the leading ‘green blockchain’ of choice.

The Caroline projects heal2earn model is creating a bridge to a happier society and is why they have chosen to build on Cardano. The Cardano foundation shares the same values as Caroline. Through project discovery and ways to amplify the project, is why their paths have crossed.


About the Team

In a nutshell: Growth Hacker & Business Coach, Serial Founder, Managing Partner IT Consulting & User Adoption Expert, Social Impact & Mental well-being Ambassador, Business & Technology Consulting, Project Manager, Life Coach, Business Developer, etc…


How Careoline connect to the Sustainable Development Goals?

The United Nations’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are an urgent call for action by all countries. This enables countries to create global partnerships that work towards achieving these goals. The goal is to achieve the SDGs, which are built upon decades of work by countries and the UN.

Blockchain technology is a key technology for the SDGs because it enables stakeholders globally to have the ability to track, record, and share data that is immutable, timestamped, and verifiable.

Careoline is directly connected to SDG 3 Good Health, and Wellbeing.

The team is also connected to SDGs. 6 Clean Water, and Sanitation, 12 Responsible Consumption and Production, 13 Climate Action, and 14 Life Below Water. They connect to these SDGs from working together with Which is a Marketplace who fights for plastik recovery.


Caroline NFT Launch Party

If you are in Barcelona, stop by the Cardano Hotel on the 24th of July, which is also Self-Care Day! (register fast as space is limited).

Caroline will be launching their NFT on the 24 of July 2022. Hosting a big Launch Party at Cardano Hotel in Barcelona to begin the Mental Health Revolution.

To join the event sign up here: NFT launch at Cardano Hotel: Cerveza and Tapas Web3 Well-being Party! Tickets, Sun, Jul 24, 2022 at 4:00 PM | Eventbrite


The Caroline NFT

Incentivizing the world to make healthy decisions and take time for themselves.

How did you mint this NFT?


  • NFT

How many in your collection are minted?

The total number of first OG Careoline mental health support NFTs will be 6661. The reason

behind this number is to honor the legacy of Carl Gustav Jung (Died 6.6.1961), who was a

Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst.

He changed the way we see Mental Health – so do we, and you

Be part of the next Health-Revolution!

Be a Holder of the first heal2earn NFTs and truly help to make the world a happier place.

This NFT benefits you and our surrounding society.

Who owns the rights, physical or intellectual, of the NFT and its contents?

  • AG (Our company in Switzerland)

What about royalties?

  • 5%

NFT Utility:

The most important utility connected to the NFT is to join the wellbeing movement and help us build our vision:

There are benefits for coaches and clients but also for other people who are interested into joining the movement:


How to get involved?

Take an indepth look at the Caroline project and their plans with Heal2Earn:


Mint NFTs:




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