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Personal growth through The UNITE 2030 Youth Delegate Program and Sustainable ADA’s road ahead

Author: Cole Bartlett

Joining The Youth Delegate Program:

Throughout my experience building Sustainable ADA, I have learned that I need to be open to every opportunity presented towards me, and to execute on chosen opportunities the very best I can. This has allowed me to find new realms of growth and overcome many fears I have had in the past or at the beginning of this process.

One of my goals early in the process of creating Sustainable ADA, was to connect with the United Nations. To help bring a greater focus to the table on how blockchain could be used as a force for good and help solve the SDGs by 2030.

I found a very unique link through the UNITE 2030 Youth delegate program. I have been chosen for the UNITE 2030 Youth Delegate Program cohort 6, and selected for the Builders Track. The Youth Delegate Program is in partnership with the United Nations and unites the top changemakers from around the world who are working to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by the year 2030. This opportunity will allow me to further develop my skills and background on the SDGs. It will also help me create the true global change I want to make throughout my lifetime, along with strengthening my core values and ability to help create and grow major impacts.

I am working to create a more sustainable and equitable world for all, and I believe Sustainable ADA can be the stepping stones towards that world. The Youth Delegate program will allow me to effectively educate and inform people all over the world of the positive sustainable and economic impacts blockchain can have on individual lives, businesses, and communities. This program will help with my personal growth, along with setting me up with a toolset I will be able to use throughout my lifelong educational journey. I couldn't be more excited for all the different experiences and opportunities that will come out of this experience, and want to thank UNITE 2030 for adding me to the team.

The Road Ahead:

This entire journey has allowed me to learn so much and grow immensely as a person. I've been able to connect and collaborate with people from all over the world who have the same or similar passions and aspirations in life as I do. I’ve been advised, and helped by so many amazing individuals spread throughout the Cardano community, and the greater educational / sustainability community.

Going forward we plan to keep working towards our current ambitions, and helping show the world how Cardano's Blockchain technology can help us achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. We will continue to grow our team and community hubs. Creating new partnerships throughout the Cardano ecosystem and strengthening our ties across the globe. We have created 6 proposals for Catalyst Fund 7 and with these proposals we will grow, learn, and help inspire individuals all over the world on why Cardano is the platform that can empower us globally towards a sustainable and equitable world for all.

My Final Thoughts:

For the course of Sustainable ADA, and throughout my life long educational journey, I am dedicated and passionate about helping solve wicked problems, and create impactful content to help educate the world on new emerging technologies, like blockchain, and how this can accelerate and help us accomplish our sustainable development goals.

I feel this connection is so important especially at the point in history we are at today. Where we really only have until 2030 to better identify and solve the wicked problems that afflict us, and in order to avert a climate future that will affect the disadvantaged and vulnerable the most. Which only leaves us so much time to educate individuals, communities, businesses, and nations. This highlights the problem of having this information widely understood and embedded within all strata of society.

I have a strong passion for helping create these realizations and acquiring the proper tools to spread knowledge of the SDGs and their connection to Blockchain, and beyond. By doing this, it will help educate and connect people all over the globe, and help us achieve and conquer the 17 goals that are set out to be accomplished by 2030. We can accomplish this. We can create change and spread these messages to people all over the world. I believe that if we can do that and create these realizations, the global goals have a real chance to be accomplished by 2030. Then we can shift the focus to what the next goals should be, and the next focus to maintain sustainable resilience. With no country on track to meeting the goals, this is the time to create everlasting change and to educate society on impactful emerging technologies. This is a great avenue for mass adoption and will allow for society to flourish and to align and harmonise with our current goals of sustainable development.

Let’s focus on how we can arrive at and maintain a sustainable state of equitable equilibrium. Where no one falls short of life’s essentials, and we don't overshoot our planetary boundaries in our lifetime, nor during the generations to come. Let’s live and take care of the only home we’ve ever known, Earth.

Sustainable ADA - The Stepping stones to a Sustainable, and Equitable World for all.

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